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St-21 Rose quartz
  Rose quartz round beads (8mm). Dragon-fly brooch transformed into lovely pendant. ..
39 EUR
St-22 Jade
  South China jade beads (8mm). Green crystals studded brooch transformed into penda..
39 EUR
St-25 SOLD Carnelian
  Three rows of carnelian round  beads (4mm). Silver tone flower side pendant. ..
49 EUR
St-1 SOLD Fuchsia agate and gold
  Fuchsia lace agate beads (40x25mm). 24K gold chain and spring clasp. Neck..
99 EUR
St-2  Rose quartz
  Rose quartz rectangle beads. Three rows of dark purple seed beads. Silver tone..
35 EUR
St-3 Watermelon jade and gold
  Three rows of watermelon jade beads (8mm). 24K gold chain and spring clasp. Ne..
99 EUR
St-4 SOLD Carnelian and resin
  Round carnelian beads (10mm). Large green resin beads (3cm). Antique gold tone..
59 EUR
St-5  SOLD African agate and crysocolla
  African agate beads (8mm). Variegated crysocolla large beads (3x3cm). Antique ..
59 EUR