Lili collection Fire


Unique Statement Necklaces | Lili Collection Celestial

  • Multi-strand amazonite necklace
  • Vintage flower brooch centrepiece
  • Barrel screw clasp
  • Length aprox 42cm
  • Unique costume jewellery
  • Statement necklaces for bold fashion statements


Dancing flames

Ignite your style with the captivating beauty of the Blaze Fire Crackle Agate Necklace. This remarkable piece of costume jewellery is capturing the essence of a smouldering ember within the intricate patterns of a fire crackle agate gemstone.

The agate’s surface is adorned with mesmerizing patterns resembling the crackling embers of a bonfire, as if frozen in time. Its warm, earthy tones blend harmoniously with fiery reds and oranges, creating a dynamic visual display that mirrors the dancing flames.

A beautiful vintage brooch is resting gloriously in the centre, enhancing the beauty of this piece.
The agate necklace rests perfectly against the wearer’s neck due to its suitable length.

It’s a remarkable piece of costume jewellery that draws attention to the unique patterns and colours of the fire crackle and the delicate antique leaf.